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-Abbazia San Salvatore
This abbey has today lost its original characteristics since it has been rebuilt and restored many times. Inside the crypt a fresco depicting the Virgin with Child.
Address Fraz. Monastero
Date of building: 11th century
-Castello di Montalto
Even before the year one thousand the lands of Montalto and Cessapalombo belonged to the Bendictine Abbey of Casauria. After the monks abandoned the place, in 1259 the castle is recorded as part of the Paganelli fiefdom.
Style: Romanesque-Gothic

Property: Signori Varano
Date of building: 9th century
-Chiesa di Monastero
This church is located in the hamlet of Monaster and is also known by the name of “Santa Maria in Insula”. Inside is a magnificent crypt featuring vaulted ceilings supported by nine columns and a pillar.
Address Monastero
-Chiesa di S.Filippo Neri
This church is located in the hamlet (or “frazione”) called Colbottoni. The name of this hamlet derives its name from the Saxon name Botto dating back perhaps to the Early Middle Ages.
Address Fraz. Colbottoni
-Chiesa di San Benedetto
This is ancient parish church, part of Montalto Castle, built before the year one thousand by the Benedictine monks, as attested by its name. Inside are some frescoes by Andrea de Magistris: the Mysteries of the Rosary (1526), the Virgin and Child and St. Anthony the Abbot (1544).
Address Tribbio di Montalto
-Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista
This church was rebuilt after the destruction of the older building, as attested by a brick on the outside wall, on which we read the date: 1611. Inside, behind the altar, is a painting depicting the Madonna and Child.
Address Col di Pietra - Fraz. Villa
-Chiesa Parrocchiale di Cessapalombo “Sant’Andrea”
This is the parish church of Cessapalombo. Inside is a wooden statue representing the Virgin and called the “Madonna dell’Impollata” by unknown (thought talented) author.
Date of building: 14th century
-Chiesa S. Maria Ausiliatrice
Behind the altar of this church is the painting “Mater Misericordiae with knights" by Girolamo di Giovanni of Camerino (1400).
Address Villa di Montalto
Date of building: 14th century
-Edicola dell’Impollata
This is a well-preserved aedicula dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Inside a fresco depicting the Madonna with Child.
Address Colbottoni
-Grotta dei Frati
The Grotta dei Frati (Friars’ Cave) is a small cavern where once Franciscan friars took refuge to escape persecutions.
-Monumento ai Caduti
This monument commemorates those who died in World War II.
-Rocca Col di Pietra
These are the ruins of an ancient stronghold. It became a fortress after the year one thousand and later on it became property of the Varano family to serve their defence purposes.
Address Valle del Fiastrone
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